Laser Pattern Cutting of Sheet Metal

The laser pattern cutting of sheet metal is a comparatively new present-day method for manufacture of complex curvilineal flat parts from the sheet metal of wide thickness range at high speed. Laser cutting is suitable both for carbon and stainless steels as well as aluminum alloys. Having the state-of-art metal-cutting TRUMPF TRUMATIC laser in our disposal, we can machine the metal sheets with dimensions up to 1,500x3,000 mm and thickness 0.8 to 20 mm. Examples of the articles made by laser cutting may be the following: practically any reamers of metal body elements, panels, grids, arms for trade equipment, levers and other parts with intricate geometry. The advantages of the laser cutting over other types of the sheet metal machining are: cost-saving pattern cutting when the parts are optimally positioned to cover the entire sheet surface; engineering preparation to the operation takes less time compared to the traditional methods; no need in machining of the part edges; high precision of the manufactured parts.